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    Brenn-B Farms



    Hamilton, ON



    Owned By:

    Chris & Shawn Brenn


    Goldenheart Potatoes


    Year Round

    Growing Practices:

    Brenn-B Farms uses conventional practices and local ingredients

    Producer Website:


    Dating back to 1842 was the year the Brenn family 1st arrived in Canada. But it was not until 1915 that founder Thomas Brenn (1885-1974) purchased the farm and land that is still known today as Brenn-B Farms. Thomas and wife Maggie started out with a mixed livestock operation
    and grew a few crops as a way to provide for his family and also feed their animals. One of these crops was potatoes and from here the start of a growing tradition for the Brenn Family.

    The 2nd generation consisting of Carl (1927- 2011) and Meryle (1930-Present) continued the heritage of growing potatoes and were responsible for stepping up the potato production in the late 1940’s.

    The 3rd generation took over in 1978 when David Brenn purchased the family farm from his father Carl and continued the growth of the operation. At this point, David (1955-present) and his wife Wendy (1955-present) continued to excel growing and branding their potatoes
    while developing a solid reputation among the industry for providing top-quality potatoes. In 1989 David and Wendy were recipients of Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers (OYF) Award at the national level. The mission of the OYF is to discover, celebrate and recognize progress and excellence in Canadian agriculture and David and Wendy have done precisely that.

    Now being owned and operated by the 4th generation, brothers Chris and Shawn have yet again changed the dynamics and crops that are produced at Brenn-B Farms. With large shoes to fill from past generation, Chris and Shawn remained grounded and focused on a family legacy that has been around for almost 100 years.

    The Goldenhart is their signature potato variety. Its unique color and taste lends itself easily to any preparation. This is the second season for the variety, and we are looking forward to a continued increase in popularity as it gains exposure.The variety was discovered during a seed trial and the unique flavour, texture and colour of the Goldenheart is why it is so special.