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    Dennis' Horseradish

    Dennis' Horseradish

    Dennis' Horseradish



    Norfolk County, Ontario



    Owned By:

    • Dennis Gyorffr (Founder)
    • Mark Healy (Co-Owner)
    • Mark Whitmore (Co-Owner)
    • Mark Vandenbosch (Co-Owner)


    • Prepared Horseradish and Horseradish Condiments: Original (Mild) Horseradish, Hot Horseradish, Extra Hot Horseradish, Horseradish Seafood Sauce, Horseradish Beet Relish, Horseradish Mustard.


    Year Round

    Growing Practices:

    We grow locally in Teeterville, ON. Our farmers are committed to ethical farming and to continuous innovation. All of our operations are amalgamated and geographically concentrated. We farm, produce and ship from a very tight radius, about 10 miles, in Norfolk County. This cuts down on unnecessary travel and other high-carbon activities substantially. We source 90%+ of all ingredients locally, as certified by Ontario Culinary where we are FEAST ON certified purveyors.

    Producer Website:


    Dennis' Horseradish is a proud, 60-year-old Canadian brand. We are trying to build the best horseradish business in Canada, with international expansion on the horizon.

    We control the entire process from end to end, ensuring only the finest root and ingredients end up in everything we make. We harvest, process, grind, fill and pack it all ourselves to guarantee we produce only the hottest and best horseradish in Canada.

    What makes us special? Root, grind and brand... ROOT: It starts with the best root. Our horseradish is grown in the sandy soil of Norfolk County, Ontario. The ideal growing conditions here produce hotter, larger, and tastier root than anywhere else in North America. GRIND: Our signature coarse grind is unique in the market, providing a texture more akin to food. The artisanal consistency pairs well with a variety of meats, seafood, and fresh produce. BRAND: 60 years of well-earned reputation. Recipes passed down through generations. No compromises or corners cut. Small batches with a focus on quality. All backed by a good story.

    Headquartered in Delhi, the heart of Ontario’s Garden, everything remains local. The brand and product portfolio have grown over time, while the focus on excellence, with a bit of an edge, has never wavered.