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    Kampkreek Dairies

    Kampkreek Dairies

    Kampkreek Dairies Products



    Stratford, ON



    Owned By:

    Andrew Koskamp, Jacqueline Martin, Theo Koskamp, Philip Koskamp


    • Steaks: Sirloin, T-bone, Striploin, Ribeye
    • Roast: Sirloin Tip, Rump, Blade, Short Rib, Eye of Round, Inside Round, Outside Round
    • Sausage: Mild Italian, Spinach & Cheese, Tomato & Basil, Hungarian, German, Chorizo, Plain
    • Patties: 6oz plain; 4oz plain; 4oz Spiced; 4oz Jalapeno & Cheese; 4oz Spinach & Cheese
    • Other Items: Ground, Stew
    • Summer Sausage: small chub, large chub, extra large chub, sliced convenience packages Pepperettes: mild, medium, hot, honey garlic, teriyaki Jerky: plain
    • Cheese: Pasteurized Cheddar; Pasteurized Gouda; Raw Milk Gouda, Raw Milk Gruyere, Pasteurized Jalapeno & Chili Gouda, Pasteurized Cumin Gouda


    Year Round

    Growing Practices:

    The products we offer are all sourced directly from our farm. The water buffalos used for our meat are raised on farm and consume forages grown on our land base. We also work with a nutritionist to ensure a balanced diet for all life stages of our animals. Our meat is processed through local butchers and processors who we know and trust to produce high quality products.

    Producer Website:


    Our farm is third generation with the holstein cows and second generation with the water buffalos. We began with the water buffalos in approximately 2009 for the supply of milk for the Italian mozzarella market in Canada. We have marketed all of the meat ourselves since this time within our local community. Over the last number of years our business has grown and the next generation of our farm is taking over with the branding of Kampkreek Dairies. This has allowed for the expansion of our products into the firm cheeses as well as an increased availability and expansion of our meat cuts list. Our cheeses all come from the water buffalos on our farm and the frozen meat cuts are from water buffalo steers approximately 1 year of age which allows our meat to be lean, highly tender and palatable. We value customers knowing where and how their food is produced and as such, we as the farmers are the ones raising and overseeing the care of our animals and processes.