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    Soul Chocolate

    Image of Soul Chocolate Ownsers

    Image of cocoa from Soul Chocolate



    Toronto, ON 



    Owned By:

    Kyle and Katie Wilson


    • Chocolate couvertures - dark, milk and white chocolate;
    • Assorted chocolate bars;
    • Seasonal items (advent calendars, hot chocolate tins, etc.);
    • Bulk bags of chocolate that are shredded for hot chocolate.


    Year-round; some products available seasonally

    Growing Practices:

    Soul Chocolate's Dark Chocolate couverture is certified organic through USDA Milk, and their white chocolate has organic ingredients apart from whole milk powder (sourced from Medallion Milk, West Canada). Their chocolate bars are both certified organic, non certified organic, and non organic. 

    Producer Website:


    Soul Chocolate was born in 2015 out of Kyle and Katie Wilson's tiny apartment in Toronto. Their goal was simple: they wanted to make the best chocolate possible. As they continued learning and growing, they realized that making the best chocolate went far beyond the flavour and finished product; it all goes back to the source. What good is the best flavour when those who are supplying your ingredients are not paid fairly for their time and energy? For Soul Chocolate - it was not so good at all! As a result, they decided to source all of our cacao and every single ingredient they use in a transparent and meaningful way. Their ultimate aim is to buy cacao directly from the farmers themselves, and as they work towards achieving that goal, they continue to source the remainder of their cacao through importers such as Meridian Cacao or Uncommon Cacao. These importers operate under a transparent trade model, providing a detailed breakdown of all costs associated with the transaction of cacao - from farm to final warehouse. This model is wonderful because Soul Chocolate knows exactly where the money from their purchase is going, and who it is supporting. They want to make chocolate that is fair for everyone involved. That chocolate, in their humble opinion, is the best chocolate they can make.