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    Springhills Fish

    Springhills Fish

    Springhill Fish



    Hanover, ON


    Springhills Fish is a second-generation family business that started in 1995. We raise rainbow trout, Arctic char and coho salmon at our eco-farms in Grey County.

    In 2020, we made the jump into processing and now deliver to more than 1,500 homes, stores and restaurants every month. And we partner with other farmers and wild fishers to offer a greater selection of tasty and ethical fish. Jim and Lynette Taylor bought an old fly-fishing club in 1986 with a spring-fed creek, ninety acres of land, and a big dream. After two decades in the aquaculture business, they wanted to build their own fish farm.

    Owned By:

    Siblings Arlen & RJ Taylor


    • Barramundi (loose vac-packed fillets)
    • Arctic Char (loose vac-packed fillets) 
    • Pickerel (loose vac-packed fillets)
    • Atlantic Salmon (loose vac-packed fillets) 
    • Coho Salmon (loose vac-packed fillets) 
    • Rainbow Trout (loose vac-packed fillets)


    Year Round

    Growing Practices:

    All Springhills Fish are eco-certified so they’re good for you and good for the planet.

    We raise our trout, salmon and char using plenty of fresh water, low densities and sustainable diets. Our farms are eco-certified by Best Aquaculture Practices, which means we have an auditor on site to ensure we are raising them in the best interest of fish welfare, the environment and our staff and community.

    Springhills pickerel is caught by independent fishermen and women in Lake Erie. It’s a wild fishery recognized as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council, which means it’s good for the environment and safe to eat.

    All Springhills fish is so fresh, it’s frozen! We humanely harvest, fillet, individually vac-pack and freeze within a day. Stays fresh for 6 months.

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    For most of our 30-year history, we hatched juvenile fish that other farmers across Canada raised. After some major interruptions with the pandemic, we made the jump into processing and home delivery, and we’re never looking back!

    We are so grateful for the communities that we work within that we give back whenever we can. We regularly donate to local food banks, fishing derbies and charity auctions.

    We are intentional stewards of the waters and ecosystems where we raise our fish. The Springhills team spends time every summer rehabilitating local rivers to restore native fish populations. Arlen is on the local chapter of Trout Unlimited and wrote Canada’s fish welfare code. RJ is on the board for the province’s species at risk advisory and the Livestock Research Innovation Corporation.