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    Struisvogel Ranch

    Struisvogel Ostrich Meat

    Struisvogel Ranch Owners



    Carrying Place, ON

    Owned By:

    Caleb & Brittany DenOuden


    • Ontario raised ostrich meat.


    Year Round

    Growing Practices:

    • Ostrich are raised in open fields, they aren't confined to a small spaces. No steriods, hormones or antibiotics are used.
    • Virtually every part of an ostrich can be used. Ostrich meat proteins are significantly easier to digest than beef.
    • Ostrich has more iron and less cholesterol than any other red meat.
    • Ostrich leaves a fraction of the environmental footprint of beef, by using 1/3 the fresh water, 1/50 the land, and emitting less than 1/10 the greenhouse gases per pound produced. 
    • You have all the added health benefits and environmental benefits without sacrificing the delicious taste of red meat. 

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    Struisvogel ranchers Caleb and Brittany DenOuden met in university and travelled to South Africa shortly after getting married to volunteer. It was in South Africa where they were introduced to some of the largest ostrich ranches in the world and fell in love with these quirkly birds.

    They eventually moved back to Canada, settled in Prince Edward County, bought their first ostriches and started Struisvogel, one of Canada's only ostrich ranches.

    Ostrich meat is most comparable to a fillet mignon and is even more 'red' than beef because of its high iron content. Steaks should be prepared with a high-heat, quick-cooking method and prepared medium-rare for the most tender steak.