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    Wolfe Island Hopyard

    Wolfe Island Hopyard Hops

    Wolfe Island Hopyard Team



    Wolfe Island, ON



    Owned By:

    John & Grace Reeves


    • Hop Shoots


    • End of April through to the end of May: fresh, edible hop shoots 
    • End of July through Thanksgiving: full height hop lines with cones, used for event decor
    • End of August to early September: fresh hop cones (all varieties)
    • End of September onwards: pelletized hops (all varieties)

    Growing Practices:

    Wolfe Island Hop Yard purchased and planted only hop rhyzomes that were virus indexed to ensure they were disease/virus free. They do not have any incoming seeds or packaging, hops are a 30+ year crop. They are not Certified Organic though they use only organic fertilizers and no pesticide, and practice low tillage for soil viability over time.

    Producer Website:


    Wolfe Island Hopyard is a family-run hop farm sitting directly on the beautiful St. Lawrence River, across the water from Kingston, ON, on Wolfe Island. 

    Wolfe Island Hopyard established their farm for two reasons: to offer local brewers the opportunity to create beer the traditional way, sourcing locally, taking advantage of the distinct flavours coming out of their local terroir, and to be a partner to their brewers, not just a hop grower, as they will deliver smaller quantities on demand as needed, often delivering by backpack. 

    Their aim is to remove the carbon footprint from the supply side as much as they can, and bring attention to the importance of using locally grown ingredients in locally brewed beer for both flavour distinction and sustainability. 

    They grow more uncommon varieties, including their Japanese Kirin, where they are the only Hopyard in eastern North America to grow it, offering new flavour opportunities to brewers.