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    Meet The Team

    Grace Mandarano

    Grace Mandarano


    Grace aspires to reestablish the cherished connection her farming relatives in Southern Italy had with their food and their communities. She believes being connected to people through clean, fair food creates a strong, authentic community and is thrilled that 100km Foods can contribute to connecting people to where their food comes from and how it is grown.

    Paul Sawtell

    Paul Sawtell


    Paul is a social entrepreneur who believes that business can serve a greater purpose and contribute to many solutions in the world. He loves to see the direct and strong connections that chefs and farmers forge as a result of working with 100km Foods. Paul also loves vinegar, to the point where, as a child, he would steal it out of his family's pantry.

    Jason Bostwick

    Jason Bostwick

    Procurement & Systems Manager

    Jason has loved maps, meticulous planning, and sharing food with people since he was a kid. He somehow lucked out finding a job that combines all of these things and has been tying up loose ends ever since.

    Alicia Kumagai

    Sales & Marketing Manager

    Alicia's passion for supporting the local food movement stems from her year studying abroad at Italy's University of Gastronomic Sciences. Her ideal Friday night is spent cooking with friends, is shamelessly obsessed with Taylor Swift and notoriously clumsy.

    Evelyn Lurz

    Evelyn Lurz

    Accounts Receivables Clerk

    Evelyn loves knowing where her food comes from. Her attention to detail and determined curiosity inform her ability to navigate the details of finance and accounting. When out of the office, Evelyn can be found tending to her native wildflower and food gardens, or cycling in the city.


    Courtney Murdock

    Marketing Specialist

    Food has always been a significant part of Courtney's life. Her mother hails from Central Italy and brought with her to Canada many of her cherished family recipes and a deep love for growing her own food. From helping in the garden to the learning from her in the kitchen, this love and appreciation for cooking and knowing where her food comes has guided her career path and ultimately led her to 100km Foods.

    Jason Bostwick

    Quentin Heffell

    Ecomm & Purchasing Coordinator

    Quentin's Prince Edward Island upbringing instilled an early connection to agriculture and nature, inspiring his work as a researcher, educator, and environmentalist. A lover of all things food and drink, Quentin spent years working in Ontario’s vibrant craft brewing industry, developing a nose for great local brews. You may spot him in Toronto’s west end, chatting birds, beers, and beekeeping!

    Hilary Ducharme

    Hilary Ducharme

    Inside Sales Rep

    A typical Sunday afternoon for Hilary involves rolling fresh pasta, making sauce with tomatoes picked fresh from her rooftop garden and watching her honey bee’s do a fabulous job pollinating her urban farm. Oh and did I mention she is probably doing all of this gracefully on roller skates?! Hilary spent 7 years cooking in local Toronto restaurants before embracing her calling to become a full time farmer turned beekeeper 5 years ago. She is passionate about cooking, growing, cultivating and educating.


    Evelyn Lurz

     Alma San Roman

    Payroll Clerk

    Drive Team

    Jason Bostwick

    Jenjardo Tagapulot

    Drive Team Manager

    David Wadsworth

    David Wadworth


    Carlos Murillo


    Cayden Moybray


    Warehouse Team

    Ramouy Mitchell

    Warehouse Manager


    Giacomo Donato-Williams

    Warehouse Supervisor

    Wilson Muga

    Warehouse Specialist

    Daniel Srubarek

    Warehouse Team Leader