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    Sheldon Creek Dairy
    (0) Sheldon Creek Dairy
    Ontario milk by Sheldon Creek is minimally processed, yielding the freshest tasting milk & dairy! Learn more about Sheldon Creek & their production process.
    Farm Tours The New Farm, K2 Milling & Hillside Gardens
    (0) Farm Tours The New Farm, K2 Milling & Hillside Gardens
    Our aim with these farm tours is to genuinely provide the opportunity for chefs and farmers to connect to each other and put faces to names. Other opportunities include our annual Chef and Farmer Meet & Greet, but the farm tours are a hands on chance to actually see where the food we deliver to you is grown and packaged, and it is well worth attending!
    Top Tomato Farm
    (0) Top Tomato Farm

    Top Tomato is family owned and operated with over 55 years of experience. It all started back in 1960, when Vito De Filippis began farming cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli on 40 acres in Uxbridge, Ontario. At that point, most of the produce was sold to smaller supermarkets and down at the food term...

    St. David's Hydroponics
    (0) St. David's Hydroponics
    Learn about the processes used at St. David's Hydroponics that work together to offset carbon use enough so that, during summertime production, their operation has a neutral carbon footprint and produce delicious, gorgeous peppers and eggplants that we deliver right to you!
    Ontario Honey Creations
    (0) Ontario Honey Creations

    Ontario Honey Creations is the sister company of Toronto Bee Rescue, both of which are family-run businesses, co-founded by Sarah Allinson-Chorabik and her husband, Peter. One of the coolest things about their product line and operation is that they dedicate a portion of all their sales towards thei...

    Learn The Roots of These Ontario Root Vegetable Growers!
    (0) Learn The Roots of These Ontario Root Vegetable Growers!

    Our relationship with Hillside Gardens is a special one – they were one of the very first farms we worked with when Paul and Grace started 100km Foods back in 2008.

    In fact, at first, Paul jokingly pointed out that perhaps it was more of a hassle to work with us, because we were so small! Yet R...

    Pristine Gourmet
    (0) Pristine Gourmet

    Located in Norfolk County, Pristine Gourmet is owned by Jason Persall, a fourth generation craft farmer. A little over ten years ago, Jason carefully integrated virgin cold pressed oils into their 1000 acre family cash crop farm.

    He designed and built a press mill to craft his own virgin canola, su...